Which is the perfect web browser for your HTML5 implementation

Are you on the way to implement new websites or web applications and you want to see if Internet Explorer 9 will behave better than Firefox 6?

Up in the sky

The most obvious performance/support test would be to use the HTML5 application and see how well reacts within different browsers but… What if you don’t have the application ready for testing yet?

Bear in mind that the HTML5 standard definitions are not completely standardized yet.

I’ve found a very good Microsoft website that has put different HTML5 support and benchmarks tests in one place. The site has been designed to see the level of support and speed of Internet Explorer 10 against older IE or other browser.

The page can be used to see which of your browsers with your addins/plugins behave better with different HTML5 pages.


Every test on the page is explained so you can even ask to the HTML5 developers inside your company which specific features they are implementing and see if you can test that in the Microsoft Testdrive page.

I did a few tests myself and saw how differently behave different browsers with very different speed and visibility results for each.

Now is your turn to surf into this interesting site and see which will be your favourite browser! Which is the winner for you and your company?

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