Tutorial: recover lost saved session in Firefox

Have you noticed that sometimes the saved sessions in Firefox are lost after a crash, leaving you with a clean, default homepage when launching it?

However if this happens to you, you’re not alone! There is a quite simple way to recover it.

The Saved Sessions are saved in a file called sessionstore.js under your ~/.mozilla/firefox/yourprofilename.default-backup-crqashrecovery-date

Your profile name has a series of letters and it finishes in “.default”. For example: mcwubzdq.default

Now if you list the files in ~/.mozilla/firefox you will see various of these files, ending with a date and time (for example: mcwubzdq.default-backup-crashrecovery-20140217_075716). The trick here is to save an old sessionstore.js file and overwriting the empty one in your profile.

So first of all close Firefox and go to your profile directory and rename sessionstore.js:

cd ~/.mozilla/firefox/profilename.default

mv sessionstore.js sessionstore.js.old

and now let’s assume that you want to use the session from the 17th of February 2014:

cp ~/.mozilla/firefox/profilename.default.default-backup-crashrecovery-20140217_075716/sessionstore.js .

That’s it! Now you can launch Firefox and enjoy your saved session tabs!

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