Support: fix missing network icon in Lubuntu 14.04 (nm-applet)

After the update to Lubuntu 14.04, you may notice that the network icon is not present anymore thus making difficult to manage your connections (through the GUI)…

Until the bug is fixed, you can use the following steps in order to make it working again:

1. Open a console and type lxsession-default-apps

2. go to the Autostart tab

3. Tick and Un-tick “Network” (please note that if your Lubuntu is not in English, this field will appear as “Network” translated in the current language

4. You can then close this window and in the terminal type: nano ~/.config/autostart/nm-applet.desktop

5. search the line NoShowIn=KDE;LXDE; and change it to: NoShowIn=KDE;

6. Save the file and at the next reboot the icon will be there again… Easy!


One response to “Support: fix missing network icon in Lubuntu 14.04 (nm-applet)”

  1. Joao Gilberto Avatar
    Joao Gilberto

    Hey, thank you for your solution.

    I have to add new step:

    Search Exec=nm-applet and replace to Exec=dbus-launch nm-applet

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