• Tutorial: Remove/Delete Keys in Firefox about:config

    The other day I was doing some routine maintenance on my system and while navigating inside my Firefox configuration (yes, the about:config command that you put in the URL field) I’ve found quite a few old keys related to addins that I’ve removed quite long ago.

     In order to remove them I’ve seen that there are two simple ways:
    The first method is good if you have to remove a small number of entries: right click with the mouse on the entry you want to delete and select Reset. Now you will notice that after restarting Firefox, that entry value will be reset to its default value if it’s one of the Firefox internal ones, otherwise it will be deleted.

    The second method is good if you have to remove a big number of entries:

    1. Close Firefox
    2. Open the file “prefs.js” that is located under your Firefox profile at ~/.mozilla/firefox/xxxxxxxxx.default/ (where the x’s stand for a randomly generated code that will change for each profile) using your favourite editor.
    4. Delete all the entries you want
    5. Save the file and restart Firefox