• Software that will help you providing support

    In the past days I was surfing on the net searching for new versions of the tools I use daily to provide support.

    So I decided to create a big list of “priceless application” and publish a description of all of them.

    I’m interested in receiving some comment regarding the list and please, let me know if you think that some VIP app is missing!

    My only requirement is that the application should be Freeware and should be used to fix a Windows OS…

    Here you have the list:

    Antispyware Version
    Ad-Aware 1.06r1
    CoolWebSearch Remover 2.19
    F-Prot 3.16f
    SmitFraudFix 2.309
    Spybot Search and Destroy
    Spyware Blaster 4.0
    Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware 1.24
    Double Driver 1.0
    DriverBackup! 1.0.3
    ExpressBurn 4.08
    Ccleaner 2.10
    SpaceMonger 1.4.0
    Norton Removal Tool 2008
    .NET Framework cleanup tool
    DefragNT 1.9
    JkDefrag 3.34
    Nt Registry Optimizer
    CurrPorts 1.20
    IBProcMan 1.04
    Process Explorer 11.11
    HDD Scan 2.8
    Partition Find and Mount
    Recuva 1.12.291
    Restoration 2.5.14
    Unstoppable Copier 3.12
    Winkeyfinder 1.73 RC2
    ProduKey 1.26
    WirelessKeyView 1.16
    Content Advisor Password Remover
    XP TCPIP Winsock Repair
    Winsock 2 Fix Program
    AutoRuns 9.13
    Hijackthis 2.0.2
    SilentRunners R56
    StartupCPL 2.8
    Startup Monitor
    CPUz 1.44.1
    Dtemp 1.00 build 34 (RC 8 )
    PCI32 1.4
    PC Wizard 2008 1.84
    S and M Stress Test 1.9.1
    UnknownDevices 1.2
    Disk Speed 1.0
    Monitor Tester
    Edit Host file
    EzPCFix 1.0.16
    ShellExView 1.19
    XP Antispy 3.96-8
    7-Zip File Manager 4.57
    NewSID 4.10
    RootkitRevealer 1.7
    Splitter 4.5a
    Volkov Commander 4.99.08
  • Welcome!

    Problems and solutions, this is our life. And this is even more true for all the support people in the IT world.

    This blog wants to open discussions on common ideas/thoughts, analyse useful software, provide good solutions to common issues or even just leave comments on funny episodes that everybody see everyday, providing support.

    My will is to respect everybody, avoiding useless flames, offensive language and/or bad behaviour.

    I’ve spent more that 15 years giving support. I’ve started in the 1990 on 8086 machines running MS-DOS 3.1 and since then I’ve dedicated my whole time searching for solutions to any kind of issues. I’ve seen any kind of things and talked to any kind of people. Anyway, I can say that almost everyday is a different day, with new and sometimes incredible happenings.

    This blog is against piracy. Don’t ask for illegal copies of software/cracks/keygen etc.

    In this blog I want to share my experience for free. Everybody is welcome to add his own and enjoy of this “knowledge sharing”.

    Thank you,
    Stefano Prenna